We are a small family business based in Sheffield, in the UK. We’re proud to have been on the shortlist for several awards!

Sling Spot grew out of the Sheffield Sling Surgery and Library.

When Rosie realised that many of the library visitors wanted to buy the carriers they had rented and enjoyed so much, she and her husband Rob began selling these same carriers from their home. As the service and the demand grew, they took the plunge and opened a permanent community centre in the city centre (called the Snug), where the library and various other parenting resources are run. We also opened a proper brick and mortar shop next door that is open six days a week!

The shop service is run by a small but committed team, who work for us while also remaining family oriented. We pay living wages and operate flexible working hours. We’re more than just a shop though, as we have a sofa, and we’re willing to hold and cuddle your baby while you try things on, or just need a good chat about the challenges of parenting; we’ve all been there!

We’re delighted to have been shortlisted for several awards in our few short years, such as the Small Awards Heart of Gold in 2019.

Kiri Porter manages the services with support from Rob, (and Rosie when she is available).

They are further supported by a team of fantastic people; Jess and Beth, with some extra help from Kim and Stacie. They are all trained consultants or peer supporters and will be able to offer you quality, independent help and guidance when you come and visit, or online.

We stock items that we know work well for families; those with the highest quality and the greatest comfort for parents and children as well as excellent value for money. We pride ourselves on our customer service; we will answer your queries and help you to find the carrier best suited to your needs.

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More about Rosie:

Dr Rosie Knowles (Carrying Matters) is one of the best known sling and carrier educators in the UK, the author of the book Why Babywearing Matters, and an advocate for the role of slings in building strong family bonds and promoting secure attachment. You can follow her here on Facebook  or read her website Carrying Matters here. She travels around the UK and Europe, speaking about the importance of close contact and how it builds connections and relationships, helping children and their parents to thrive.