Babywearing coats, jackets and sling covers are a fantastic way to keep warm and dry as life carries on whatever the weather. Our range is carefully chosen for high quality, longevity and style, as well as warmth, waterproofing, and most importantly, back carrying!

You often need to be both warm and dry as rain is unpredictable and wintry weather can last a while on our green and damp island! It can be a challenge managing the fluctuations in temptation and protect your baby for all weathers. Babywearing coats, jackets and covers are a great solution.

Read the Carrying Matters article about carrying safely in the cold here for some more help.

Our Mamalila coat range is a perennial favourite, the soft-shell jackets offer a great year round waterproof option. Their winter jacket has a superbly soft inner lining and is snuggly warm!

Need something thick and snuggly for cold winter chills?

For winter carrying in cold weathers, we recommend the snuggly Wombat&Co range of babywearing coats. These are fully waterproof with a man-made sheepskin/furry lining for the extra warmth you need.

Need something light for rainy but warmer weather, or prefer to layer up under a raincoat?

Whether for summer showers, or for changeable spring and autumn weather, the Mamalila rain jacket is always useful and reliable as protection while babywearing. It can be worn over warmer layers in colder weather too!

The new Numbat Go range packs down small into its own bag and comes in some gorgeous vibrant colours, and can be worn over layers too!

Babywearing Coats and Jackets, Fleeces & Sling Covers

Sling Covers are a more budget friendly option for quicker journeys

Sling Covers can be a great way to keep your baby dry and warm in the sling; the brands we stock attach to the sling itself with straps, so baby is protected from the elements, while you wear your own coat. The BundleBean raincovers are very lightweight for wet weather, the fleecy BundleBean and Isara covers add extra warmth (with pockets for your hands!)

Bundlebean sling covers
BundleBean Silver Lightning sling cover


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