The Beco carrier range is a superb option for parents wanting an easy-to-use, sturdy, comfortable and very versatile buckle carrier

The Beco baby buckle carriers are 4-in-1 baby carriers, all offering four comfortable carrying positions – front facing in, facing out (from 4months), hip and back carry (from 6months).


  • Supportive waistband with pocket
  • Wide padded shoulder straps (cross or rucksack style)
  • Excellent weight distribution
  • Padded headrest for neck support that extends for taller children
  • Width adjusts to fit small babies & forward facing-out position
  • Wider panel setting for older babies
  • Waist belt adjusts from 28-57
  • EN13209-2 Soft Carriers Certified

Read more about facing forwards in a carrier here.

Three main types

  • Beco Gemini – simple, padded panel giving extra support for newborns, in a lovely range of stylish patterns. 7-35lb
  • Beco Gemini Cool – a lighter, UV mesh panel for warmer weather, slightly longer in the body than the Gemini. Comes in a rich navy colour. 7-35lb
  • Beco 8 – a fabulous combination carrier. A removable lumbar support for parents who like more structure, an insert for the smallest of babies, a sleep hood and a zipaway central section revealing the UV mesh underneath for use in warmer weather.  Stylish and simple colour schemes. 7-45lb.

Toddler Carrier

The Toddler Carrier is suitable from 18months to 3 years and beyond. Suitable for 20-60lbs. Generously wide and tall for big kids, supportive and simple, it comes in both patterned cotton and UV mesh “Cool” fabrics. Sleep hood included.

Customer Reviews

“Our Beco Toddler was well loved as it supported our child through learning to walk and meant we always had a back up for tired legs. We found its sturdy structure suited our heavy toddler and enabled us to carry her for longer.”  Amber

“The Beco 8 was the perfect carrier for me as it’s really secure and comfortable for both of us. I’m always active and being able to have my son with me all of the time is what I really want. PS with a sling there is no arguing over who pushes the pram either!” Jason

“The Beco Toddler is very comfy on my shoulders in front and back carries. The waistband doesn’t cut into my “mum-tum” like many others and the straps were easy to adjust from new. It may be bulkier than some more lightweight slings but the comfort is worth it!” Jodie