Our top recommendations for carriers during a health crisis

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Babies, children and their families have the same essential need for loving, close contact whatever the health crisis; it helps to build a happy brain, helps children to grow well, and builds family bonds, reducing stress and making life easier.

Recommended features to look for in a carrier in such circumstances

  • quick-drying fabrics that repel water or are waterproof (can be safely wiped down or washed and dried quickly)
  • lightweight and pack down small (they can be easily stashed in the bottom of a bag if they are needed quickly (for example, a crawling baby who needs to be removed from harm’s way or licking-distance!)
  • quick and easy for the inevitable up-and-downs at home
  • those that can be used on the hip for curious children who want good visibility

Our recommendations, therefore, are

The Solar Integra Buckle carrier,  the Boba Air Buckle carrier, the MiniMonkey MiniSling (hip carrier) or Ring Slings (any brand).

quick to wash

Solar Integra

This carrier is made of a special solarweave fabric that is naturally water repellent and can be easily wiped down. It has long been loved as a summer option near water due to its quick drying properties as well as the range of colours. The webbing and buckles are all plastic, so the carrier can be washed with soap and hot water or at 30 degrees in the washing machine. It will keep its shape and softness with frequent washing.

It is very lightweight and packs down small, and is very easy to use, making it a great option for out and about. It comes in three sizes for different age children (size 1 baby, size 2 18m-3yrs, size 3 preschool).

Browse our Solar stock here

Solar Ocean Blue Integra Size 1 Shorter Straps

Here is a link for a step by step photo tutorial for a front carry with an Integra Baby carrier.

The Solar Integra offers hip carries too, see this video below for how to do it easily.

Boba Air

The Boba Air is one of the lightest and most compact buckle carriers around. It packs down to fit in a handbag and is completely waterproof. It has rucksack straps, is partly made of mesh, and can be washed easily. You can either spot clean it or wash it on a cold delicate cycle in your washing machine. It dries very quickly, and comes in black or grey.

Browse our Boba stock here

Boba Air Grey

Here is a link to a photo tutorial and a video for a front carry with the Boba Air.

If you prefer to preclip the straps before putting baby in, here is how to do it! Many people find this easier.

MiniMonkey MiniSling

The Mini Sling is a fantastic option for parents looking for a lightweight and affordable carrier for warmer weather, holidays or if they are just warm people and need something cool. It makes a great hospital option with no trailing ends. It packs down very small, adjusts to fit the baby and adult, and is very breathable indeed due to its mesh panel. It is a one shouldered carrier (spreadable for comfort) with a buckle adjuster, incredibly simple to use, and can be worn on the front with younger babies, and on the hip with older babies and toddlers. It offers great visibility when worn on the hip.

It is waterproof, washes at 40 degrees and dries quickly.

Browse our MiniSlings here

MiniSling black

Be sure you spread the shoulder widely and keep the carrier snug with child close to ensure comfort.

Below is a video showing you how to do a hip carry with the MiniSling.

Ring Slings

Ring slings are hugely under-rated as a practical, affordable carrying option from birth to toddler, and pack down very small. They are the perfect back up carrier to keep in the bottom of your bag or in the car, as well as great for quick up and downs. They are an excellent option for curious babies keen to see more of the world while still cuddled close. They are great for on the go naps or feeding.

The ring slings we stock are lightweight and easy to use, soft from new. Being shorter than woven wraps, they wash more quickly, and cotton slings can be washed at higher temperatures (pop the rings inside a sock!)

Browse our Ring Slings here

new to slings? sling spot

Here is a step by step photo tutorial for using a ring sling.

Below is a video showing you how to use a ring sling with a newborn, to ensure a good fit and comfy carry.

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