Stretchy wraps offer the cuddliest, closest carries and great flexibility for newborns. The long fabric has a little bit of elastic stretch, so you wrap it around you snugly and pop your baby in. People describe the feeling of a good stretchy wrap as a giant hug around you both!

Babies often sleep in stretchy wraps, when well positioned, as the closeness and snuggliness of the layers of fabric (always at least two layers of fabric with a stretchy!) mimic the close conditions of the womb during pregnancy, and being in contact with a parent’s skin and near a parent’s heartbeat and able to hear a parent’s voice is extremely reassuring for babies.

Your stretchy wrap can stay on all day– you do not need to untie and retie whenever your baby needs to be taken out or wants to be carried again. Learning how to use a stretchy wrap is simple – read more about stretchy wraps here.