Woven wraps are the ultimate carrier. They are long lasting, making them suitable from birth to pre-school and beyond. They can be used to carry on the front, hip or back. Our cotton wraps are easy to care for and soft from new, needing minimal breaking in.

Woven wraps can be superbly comfortable as the wide fabric distributes the weight evenly around the wearer’s back. The simple fabric is easy to tighten around child and carer together, ensuring a perfect fit.

The snugness can be very useful for parents suffering from post-natal depression; that extra “wrapped-around” closeness can aid oxytocin release and assist with bonding. Children often find great reassurance in the closeness and will often fall asleep during the process of wrapping! Wraps can also be used for creating great visibility so curious children will enjoy them just as much.

Please see here for more information, videos and troubleshooting with woven wraps.