We love ring slings! These simple fabric carriers are infinitely adjustable for every size of child and carer, from birth to toddler

Ring slings and hip carriers are practical, affordable, and pack down very small. They are the perfect back up carrier to keep in the bottom of your bag or in the car! Ring slings come in some beautiful patterns or simple stripes, allowing you to express your personality or for ease of learning. These carriers offer great visibility for curious children who want to see more of their world, especially after the “4th Trimester” period is over, and are brilliant for toddlers who want quick up and downs!

We have some excellent hip carriers such as the MiniSling which offer much of the versatility of a ring sling in a very simple design.

Ring slings and hip carriers are cooler in hotter weather and make great travel slings.

Here is a photo tutorial from Carrying Matters showing you how to do a simple front carry with a ring sling. Preparation is key!

Ring Slings & Hip Carriers

Here is a video from Carrying Matters showing you how to use a ring sling with a newborn.

Here is a video showing you how to use the ultra light mesh MiniSling carrier.

Read more about ring slings and why they are so popular here (image is of Rosie Knowles carrying her four year old who was tired at a wedding!)

rosie and maggie ring sling