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The arrival of a new baby in the family is a source of great joy, however the “4th Trimester” period can be intense and demanding. Babywearing is one tool that can help; keeping baby close where they belong while giving parents their hands back. We’re delighted to be able to offer this lovely Babywearing Starter Kit Platinum; a collection of everything a new parent might need to get off to a flying start with sling use. It’s a great way to start building those special bonds that last a lifetime.

This Platinum Kit contains a stretchy wrap of your choice and is packed with encouragement, helpful guides and the Why Babywearing Matters book, as well as an exclusive teething necklace, magnet and more! Plus an hour consultation with one of our highly training consultants.

It’s the perfect gift for a baby shower, to celebrate the start of parental leave, or just because!

Total RRP for this starter kit box is £103.99 , saving you 18%.



More about your Babywearing Starter Kit Platinum;

Stretchy Wrap

Your baby wearing starter kit comes with a stretchy wrap, this is a beautiful carrier to use with a newborn. It brings back to close and warmth that baby had in the womb. Many babies adore the security and safety of the wrap and fall quickly to sleep. For many parents, they are the first slings they own, for good reason. You can carry a newborn comfortably as they grow, distributing weight around your the upper body. You have the the choice of two wraps either the Boba wrap or the Hana wrap.

The Boba Stretchy Wrap is a medium weight, soft and supportive knitted texture stretchy wrap. Available in Sangria Red, Navy Blue, Purple, Grey and Black.

The Hana Stretchy Wrap is a lightweight, silky and supportive stretchy wrap, with breathable bamboo that is great for all seasons. Available in Dusty Navy, English Rose, Slate, Peacock and Seafoam.

Don’t forget to follow the TICKS guidance to keep your baby well supported upright against your chest. More information on carrying safely can be found here.

A One Hour Consultation

An hour long consultation with one of our highly trained consultants will be an introduction to your newborn baby. They will cover a wide range of information including how to use your new stretchy wrap, to help you get to grips with how to put on your your baby in it.

These are available in person (at The Snug in Sheffield City Centre) or online.  Information on booking this will be sent within the Babywearing Start Kit.

Chomping at the Bead Teething Necklace

This handcrafted teething aid is made with 100% cotton crochet surrounded wooden beads.  It is finished off with a homemade beeswax varnish; perfect for those fiddly fingers and tiny teeth. Each necklace is made with nylon thread and slip knots. It is simple and easy to have the necklace at the length you need.

Exclusively designed for the starter kit, and available in a choice of 5 colours – Navy, Teal, Purple, Grey or Black.

A copy of the “Why Babywearing Matters” book by Dr. Rosie Knowles

An easy to read and very helpful book discussing the benefits of babywearing for baby, parent and society, as well as useful safety reminders, signed by author herself! 

Also inside the Babywearing Starter Kit Platinum……

An affirmation magnet – one of our four magnets will be selected for you, each one with a phrase that will encourage and support new parents – perfect for the fridge to keep reminding yourself/your giftee they are doing a great job!

A pack of encouraging affirmation cards – these include phrases that will encourage and  support new parents as they transition into parent-hood as well as keeping parents going who are welcoming another child into their family.

The kit also contains a pack of the well loved Fourth Trimester,  Build a Happy Brain, Skin to Skin Matters and Why Carrying Matters postcards£3.50. These can be used to remind new parents that it is all worth it, or send to a friend as an encouragement. There is also a useful Carrying Matters Guide to Slings included (full of links to tutorials and videos), safety leaflets and a discount code for 5% off your next order!

And because everyone deserves a sit down and a cuppa… a packet of our favourite Yorkshire Tea!

The total recommended retail price for this box is £103.99, saving you 18%

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