Lenny Lamb Toy Carrier (Buckle) Jurassic Park


The Lenny Lamb toy sling is perfect for little babywearers everywhere! Great for keeping their favourite toy close enough to kiss.

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Lenny Lamb Toy Carrier (Buckle) Jurassic Park

Lenny Lamb Toy Carrier (Buckle) Jurassic Park is a perfect accessory so your child can join you in your babywearing adventure! This means your toddler can wear dolls and other toy friends in a carrier and practice being a future parent.

Lenny Lamb Toy Carriers are made of exactly the same fabrics and buckles used for the carriers. Therefore, they are safe for children, super soft and available in numerous beautiful designs and colours!

These carriers can help to keep older children connected when it comes to the end of your carrying days. You can find Rosie’s article about when the time comes to stop carrying here

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