Mini Affirmation Cards set


New parenthood is challenging; our newborns need a lot of loving care, which can be exhausting. Sometimes a little dose of affirmation and encouragement can help you to keep going. This little pack of double sided seven mini affirmation cards with fourteen phrases remind you that it is all worth it; you’ve got this, and it is OK to ask for help!


Mini Affirmation Cards set

Our Mini Affirmation Cards have been a hit at the 4th Trimester groups run by the Sheffield Sling Surgery; they are handed out to all the new parents who attend these groups, and form part of our Babywearing Starter Kit. The set of 14 cards fit in a purse or wallet and offer encouragement and affirmation. New parenthood is hard; babies are vulnerable and need a lot of love and support. These little cards will motivate you to keep going and remind you that it is normal and it matters!

They are also great as packs or as individual cards to hand out to parents at antenatal classes, sling library sessions, workshops, clinics, at baby groups and more.

Postage is included. Please let us know if you would like larger numbers.

The cards link to the independent Carrying Matters website. This is stuffed full of useful information on safety in slings and the science of close contact. It also has how-to-guides and answers to common queries.

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