The One Wolf Family


ISARA THE ONE WOLF FAMILY, an exquisite LIMITED EDITION baby carrier Devoted to Family

Family is the most important foundation where love flourishes and grows together in harmony and unity. No matter what life holds, the “wolf squad” will always stand beside you, guarding and protecting the pack in a circle that goes around endlessly. There’s no need for vocal cues within a family unit, by virtue the endearment is felt in every nooks and cranny, as a strong emotional connection.

Like families, wolves form friendships and care for each other maintaining lifelong connections. Every member belongs to something greater than itself: A family, glued together with affection.

Take a closer look and spot the heartwarming image of a nurturing mom and her tiny little pup, joyfully bonding and forging a unique medley of feelings that will last to infinity and beyond.

ISARA The ONE Wolf Family. A unique collection that brings together, happy moments.

ISARA THE ONE is the latest innovation to a regular fully adjustable carrier, a revolutionary product, enabling the wearer to adjust the height and length to an extreme adjustability, in order to fit all shapes and sizes; petite, tall and plus size parents with newborns, toddlers, and even preschoolers. Transitioning from newborn to preschooler is done in just one step, with THE ONE.


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The One Wolf Family

Pioneering adjustability since 2013, ISARA has developed award-winning ergonomic baby carriers, widely recognized for their versatility and functionality. In 2016, ISARA started developing the most adjustable baby carrier, a revolutionary sequel to our story. After two years of incessant research and feedback, ISARA THE ONE was born.

The ONE is equipped with a  revolutionary “two-is-better-than-one” functionality, allowing the wearer to ultra-adjust the carrier both in length and width.

-The panel transformers allow the wearer to precisely widen the height of the back panel, inch by inch, in order to reach up to the nape of your baby’s neck. If you would like to breastfeed, simply extend the panel transformer and enjoy every minute of it.

– The strap transformers can shorten or extend the shoulder straps, to properly fit your body shape and size. This feature provides extreme adjustability for petite, tall or even plus size physiques. It truly fits you!

-The base of the carrier contains two detachable seat transformers, a unique feature that upgrades the seat base to fit even a tall preschool.

Safe and practical perks for optimal comfort!

ISARA THE ONE represents the next level in the babywearing industry, by introducing 3 novel features: seat transformers, panel transformers, and strap transformers along with a plethora of characteristics for optimal comfort.

-Keep your baby’s skin safe from rashes of any kind with our no skin to buckle contact innovation.

-Buttery soft padded shoulder strap, so that you’ll never have to feel the weight of your angel.

-Extra arm and leg paddings for a timeless carrying experience.

-Adjustable and removable connection clip, adjustable and removable hood with a dash of practicality.

A high-quality elastic band added for extra protection in case of an accidental opening of the buckles, so that your sweetheart is always safe and sound.

-For a “neat look” excess webbing can be tucked away under elastic bands.

-The connection clip, located between the shoulder straps, prevents the straps from sliding off the shoulder. It can be adjusted up or down on the webbing of the shoulder strap so that the proper height can be chosen for front or back carrying. It can also be completely removed (when the shoulder straps are crossed or when you hip carry).

The new comfy belt with premium memory foam provides the most comfortable carrying experience on a long-distance journey.   

-Shorten or lengthen the straps, to fit even a petite wearer with the new intuitive fit-for-you adjuster.

-Due to the multidimensional adjustability given by the revolutionary features, ISARA THE ONE provides you with the possibility of wearing your child in 3 different vertical positions: front carry, with parallel or crossed shoulder straps, back carry and hip carry.

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